D8 Honors Band

Dear Directors,

This is just a reminder that all nominations, auditions, and forms for the 2017 D8 Honor Band Festival are due by December 8. The High School Honor Band Auditions can be as simple as a class C solo recorded on a phone and emailed to the director. It is so amazing to have all of these great students together making music! Please encourage your students to audition, and let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  

Below are the links to all of the forms needed to get started if you have not already!  


 District VIII Honor Band Festival Information a…

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End of Year

Dear District 8 Members,

You’ve made it! Another school year has come to an end and it’s time to “ride off into the sunset” and enjoy some time off! But before you go, here are some quick announcements pertaining to this summer and next year.

2016 OMEA District 8 Honors Choir Festival: For those of you who teach Junior High and High School Vocal Music, make sure you start planning now to have students represent your school at this annual District 8 event coming this fall. Audition information will be coming at the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year.

Please welcome our new officers who will take the reigns this summer: President, Crystal Sabik; President-Elect, Lisa Iceman; Secretary/Treasurer, Kelsey Giotta. All three have been working for the betterment of District 8 for quite a few years in various roles and I am very confident in their ability to serve our district well.

I wish all of you the best as you embark on your summer adventures. Thank you for all you do to bring music into your students lives every day.


Chris Irwin

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Spring Meeting

It is time to celebrate the end of this school year! What better way to celebrate than to do it with your District 8 colleagues at our Spring Membership Meeting on Thursday, May 19th at 6:30 PM! This year’s spring meeting will be held at Don Pancho’s Restaurant in Alliance. Please see the attached agenda…which is very  short so you will have plenty of time to socialize with your District 8 friends!

If you plan on attending, please fill out this Google Form as soon as possible:


I hope to see you on the 19th!


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2016-2017 Adjudicated Events Calendar

The 2016-2017 Adjudicated Events dates have been added to the website.  Just click on the calendar to view the dates.  You can also subscribe to this Google calendar to automatically add the dates to your electronic devices.

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D8 Honor Groups

Click here to download the information for the 2015-2016 D8 Honors Ensembles

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JH Solo and Ensemble Deadline

Dear District 8 Members,

The deadline for OMEA D8 Junior High Solo and Ensemble registration is approaching on March 21, 2015. All registration must be completed through the OMEA Member Portal with Summary of Events and Fees postmarked by March 21st. The OMEA rulebook states the following regarding AE registration:

Section VII.I

All events must be entered through the OMEA Website Online Registration. Online applications will be available 8 weeks prior to the event and will close 28 days before the event. Participating Directors must send to the Local Event Chair, by first class mail and postmarked no later than twenty-eight days before the event: 1) Summary Form including administrator signature; 2) Payment for registration or a copy of the School Purchase Order.

Attached are director letters from Crystal Sabik at the Alliance site and Lisa Iceman at the Tuslaw site. Please take a moment to read the letter for your site. If you are unsure as to which site you are assigned, please consult the attached D8 Fall Newsletter which outlines building site assignments. Please make certain you select the correct site when registering in the Portal. 

Site chairs will release your schedule via the Member Portal when your Summary of Events and payment have been received.

Thank you very much to Crystal and Lisa for their great work each year chairing these sites!

From the D8 Leadership Team, we wish everyone a safe and relaxing Spring Break! Good luck to those schools participating in HS Large Group this weekend.

Chris Irwin


OMEA District VIII

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Lake High School Symphonic Winds

Congratulations to the Lake High School Symphonic Winds who will be performing at the Ohio Band Director’s Conference this Saturday, at 9:15AM!  The performance will be held at The University of Akron Student Union.  Please come and support one of our D8 programs at this event!

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D8 Mini Conference and Honors Ensembles

The D8 Conference Honors Ensembles pages have been updated with the latest info!  Please visit to get the registration forms and director information.  In addition, we are looking for Booster Group Sponsors to help defray the costs of hosting this event.

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Fall Newsletter

Click here to download the Fall 2014 Newsletter

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All State Children’s Chorus

 OMEA All-State Children’s Chorus Auditions!


The OMEA All-State Children’s Chorus Auditions will take place from April 1st through May 31st, 2014.  Auditions will be open to public and private school students in grades 4 and 5 during the 2014-2015 school year whose teachers are members of OMEA.  Applicants will apply using the “Acceptd, Inc.” online website.  The application includes a $10 fee to “Acceptd, Inc.” All applications MUST be submitted electronically through this web-based company. The application process includes uploading a digital audio recording. OMEA members are asked to encourage and assist their finest students in preparing the following:



1. Begin with the applicant announcing their name and grade level

2. Sing the first verse of “My Country Tis of Thee” (key of F Major accompanied)

3. Sing the first verse of “America the Beautiful” (key of CM unaccompanied)

4. Sing “O Music” by Lowell Mason-public domain (any key unaccompanied)

5.  Recordings of individual selections should NOT be edited or spliced

6. Please ensure that all applicants can match pitch, access the head voice and possess the focus and stamina to participate in full day rehearsals



April 1:  A link to the “Acceptd, Inc.” online application with detailed instructions will be available on the OMEA homepage

May 31:  Deadline for all applications to be submitted

August 1: Results posted to the OMEA portal and mailed via post office to all student applicants.

August 30: Acceptance forms and $75 participation fee made payable to OMEA due for all applicants.

September/October:  Regional rehearsals

October 18:  OMEA All-State Children’s Chorus Event-Capital University


OMEA is thrilled to extend this opportunity to our elementary students and teachers.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


Jodie Ricci

OMEA All-State Children’s Chorus Chair





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